Various Limitations Of GP

The profession of medicine is considered to be as one of the highly respected and most appreciated profession. This respect and appreciation is for all of the right reasons because this field is considered to be as the most selfless field in which the doctor, nurse or staff member only thinks about the betterment of patient’s. Even though every member who is associated with the field of medicine plays an important factor in saving lives but specifically doctors are considered to be semi-gods because only doctors can save a person from death bed after God himself. Doctors can also be categorised into various types like specialists, surgeons, general practitioners and many more. We will be discussing about the limitations of GP (general practitioner) in this article.

GP (General practitioner):

GP is an abbreviation which is used for general practitioner. He is the doctor who is qualified to treat patients with minor diseases and do regular checkups. He is like any other doctor who has attained the degree of bachelors in medicine and bachelors in science (MBBS). Moreover, he has completed his house job as well to get the license which allows him to practice. In simpler words, we can say that a doctor who starts his medical practice soon after his house job and do not opt for specialization is known as a general practitioner. To gain more ideas about this GP you can see this page for such knowledgeable information.

Various limitations of GP:

As we have already discussed that a general practitioner does not specialize in any particular body part so he has some limitations in this field which he cannot perform. Firstly, a general practitioner cannot perform surgery or operation as he is not trained for any surgical procedures. Secondly, a general practitioner can check the patient with any chronic illness or any other disease but once he notices that the illness is more intense then he has to refer the patient to the specialist (the doctor who has spent extra four years in specializing in any particular body part). So, the speciality cases cannot be performed by the general practitioner and must be referred to a specialist.

Another limitation of the general practitioner is that he cannot intervene in medical cases whereas a specialist doctor can intercede on any time if there are any chances of modifications in any which way. Above mentioned were some of the limitations that a general practitioner has but besides these he can perform every duty lie any other doctor.


GP is an abbreviation which is used for a general practitioner. The name general practitioner is given to the doctor who has achieved his bachelor’s degree in medicine and science (MBBS) but he has not done a further study of specializations. A general practitioner can practice medicine lie any other doctor but he has few limitation which he cannot surpass. These limitations include medical interventions, surgical procedures and specialist consultations. “Eastbrooke medical centres” is the best family clinic in Townsville where the most professional surgeons, specialist and general practitioners (GP) provide their services.